5 Best B2B Ecommerce Websites: What’s The Secret Behind Their Success

Business-to-business ecommerce is far more complex than the business-to-customer model, especially in terms of high-order volumes and prices. However, for those B2B businesses getting things right, there are high rewards waiting. Let’s see which key features a B2B ecommerce website should have to serve customers well. Our 5 examples will help you see the features and implement them in practice.

Best B2B Ecommerce Examples Defined

When it comes to B2B ecommerce websites, you must know b2b e commerce advantages and disadvantages, since it all comes down to features, design, and functionality.

I’m sure you are already familiar with the typical features such as personalized functionality, self-service option, customizable pricing, bulk, repeat and scheduled ordering, customer engagement via social media, multiple users option for user groups, integrations for seamless user experience, and more.

Among the best B2B ecommerce features you will find simple navigation, call to action buttons, interaction buttons for contacting the seller or product supplier, easily reached tools, user-friendly website, and product visualization.

5 B2B Websites to Inspire You for Your Next Project

The websites that are getting it right start by adopting the fundamentals of great design – user-friendly search, appealing layout, and logical navigation.

1.Blake Envelopes

Even though envelopes are not the most exciting product on the market, this website does an excellent job at marketing them. The website is known as one of the most accurate and innovative B2B ecommerce examples.

Blake Envelopes’s website is neatly designed and features great functionality, modern design, and amazing benefits represented by corporate programs.

2. Kekselias

Kekselias is a well-known financial service company that specializes in monetary policy analysis, investment research, and interest rates markets.

With a minimalistic landing page design, the website is one of the best B2B websites because of its user-engagement concept.

Through the Articles section, the company adds value to its website. It is like a blog where users can find useful information on trends in investment and assets.

3. Firerock

Firerock provides timeless and classic building materials for homes and takes advantage of high-quality photography to promote the products.

The website is simple and clean. It represents the newest trends in design home architecture. The blog is super fun and educational. You can learn how to improve and optimize the process of building modern houses.

4. Danish Water Technology

Danish Water Technology is a company specializing in water pipeline infrastructure for facilities and households. Their website has become an indicator of Danish people’s ambition to find cheaper and better ways to handle water technologies.

The B2B website presents new water technologies by using interactive design elements. Browsing, navigation, and shopping on this website is anything but slow and old-fashion. With its incredible design, this website can keep you glued to the online store for ages.


AIIA is a B2B ecomemrce website that sells branded gadgets for corporations. The idea behind the website is to promote how promotional gadgets can be interactive and creative and not low-quality at all.

AIIA is one of the best B2B ecommerce examples to show how this work. Nicely images and bright background certainly add to the overall impression.

Once you click on a specific product, a background promo clip is activated. This is how you see the product in action. Providing this experience online is important for success as an online B2B seller.


It is hard to find B2B companies that get the balance of modern design and great functionality. These five websites are great examples of companies that successfully managed to combine functionality, service, and design.

We hope that you’ve found your inspiration and you are ready to start your next ecommerce project.

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